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Sylar/Peter fic

Hi all,
I am looking for a fic I read a while ago. In it Peter and Sylar were unlikely traveling companions, trying to get away from the company through a sort of underground railroad system.
I remember one specific scene where Peter is being held still and quiet by Sylar under the floorboards in a house they are staying in. Later they have sex, but Sylar feels guilty about it, and Peter tries to convince him that he cares and that there are others who care about him.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Old Peter /Claire fic

Hi. I'm looking for a paire fic set post S1 and is AU for season 2. Peter is a model but Claire doesn't know that and no one in the Petrelli family talks about his profession. Elle is in the fic too. Also, Peter is Monroe's son as he finds out later. It's a dark fic and Peter dies in the end. If this sounds familiar please let me know.

Gabriel/Peter fic

Hi! I'm looking for a fic that is set pre-season and during Season 1. Future!Peter travels back in time to tell Present!Peter that Gabriel Gray will be a dangerous man and needs to be killed before that happens. Peter finds Gabriel and visits his shop, but instead of killing him, they become friends, then begin dating. Gabreil never becomes a killer. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

HI ;)

I am new to this comunity and happy to be part of it....I love this show and am so sorry to see it end like that....I was hoping you can help me and please keep in mind that I am new so I don't know all the rules here and the subject I am looking for is somewhat sisitive so I will put it under the cut.....please notice that english is not my first langauge so any wrong spilling is out of my hand ;)

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...I know not a very normal request and if any one is offended bu my request please accept my apologies....and I really hope some one can help me here

thank you
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FMA: Riza back

(no subject)

I am looking for a Nathan/Peter fic.  Nathan is away at school or in the military or something and Peter is still at home.  Peter's in his rebellious teenager phase and is all angst and anger.  Peter gets himself off in Nathan's car while listening to Nathan's voice on his answering machine.  Does anyone know what fic this is?
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Looking for a Mylar fic

Ok, so I have little hope but I'm looking for a fic where at some point Adam travel in time & bring Chandra back to life and somehow Chandra accidentaly shot Mohinder.
I know this is pretty much nothing, but it's can't hurt to ask.
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Post Parasite fic

Hi, I'm actually looking for a really old fic. It was set after the end of Parasite in season 1 (there's actually a chance I might be thinking about two separate fics, but I'm not sure)
It included Claude rescuing Peter from Sylar in Mohinder's apartment (having followed Peter while invisible and knocking him on the head)
Also, Peter argued with Angela a lot about Claire not going to Paris - I think Nathan reflected on the fact that peter had never really argued with her before and he had to face up to the harsh side of her tongue.
Hope someone can help?
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Hi guys, i'm looking for a Sylar/Hiro story "This Bank and Shoal of Time". Does anyone maybe have a copy and is willing to share? Pretty please! *___*
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