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Okay, so I'm pretty new to the Heroes fandom, but I already like Sylar/Claire lol

There are fics with Sylar being good again and he and Claire getting together, and ones where he starts off bad they still get together and then he goes good. However, I was wondering if anyone can rec me any fics where instead, Claire turns bad/evil with Sylar and they're together? Or something along those lines? Instead of Sylar changing, Claire does basically *shrugs*

I'd love it if anyone could rec me some fics like this, and thank you ahead of time to anyone who does ^^

♥, Rin


Can anyone rec me some Adam/Peter fics, where Peter is etiher manipulated or forced into it? the darker the better; I've just re-discovered my love for Adam's sneaky dodginess :)

IABD or FYG or Sisters?

Are there any Sylar/Claire or Elle/Claire fics that take place in either the "I Am Become Death" or "Five Years Gone" universe? How about any fics where Claire and Elle are sisters?

peter time-travel?

hello! i'm very new to the fandom and have no clue if peter can time-travel or how time-travelling works in canon... i just have an urge to read a fic where peter somehow time-travelled or have a vision or something of nathan as a kid growing up in the petrelli household... i imagine it'd be quite an experience for peter, to see with his own eyes that his brother wasn't born perfect and self-sufficient. (still, i imagine nathan was probably a very precocious child) toddler!peter would be a bonus.

any/all pairings/genres are welcome. thanks!

Looking for a Fic!


Seems I’m slowly returning to the Heroes fandom! I was curious, I read a fanfiction awhile ago and it was Sylar(Gabriel)/Peter…so Pylar (haha!) anyways it was a little series of one-shots and at one point Luke joined in their little domesticity and they were kind of like a family. If anyone can recommend a place to look or a link to the actual fics it would be really appreciated!
Thanks in advanced~! :D

OT - Deleted Fanfic Lost and Found

  If there was a comm where you can find copies of deleted fic, would you use it? Please answer in this poll at my journal.

Mods, feel free to delete if not allowed.

Brother stories!

I'm looking for any stories that deal with the Petrelli family actually acting like a family! I have a longing for Little!Peter and his big brother Nathan.
Not necessarily younger Peter stories (though de-aging is always cute), just stories that focus on the wonderful (cough!) brotherly relationship between the two characters. H

Can be before season 1, after, and beyond. Just hit me with the stories!

Looking for Nathan and Peter stories!

I'm extremely NEW to this fandom and I'm interested in any stories that are well written, and LENGTHY..The longer the better!! Is there even any that is lengthy that has the two brothers as a pairing?? Oh, and is there any where Peter can turn into/shape-shift or is a female from the start?? ANY in that area at all??

I'm aware of two LJ communities that are dedicated to the two but I'm so new that I haven't YET gotten the time to LOOK through EVERYTHING that's been there, since the show ended etc. So, I was hoping that you guys can REC some of your favorites; be them X-OVER or anything.

Thanks In Adv!!


Anyone have this Mylar?

 So I was adding tags to my delicious bookmarks (nc17) when I noticed some fics missing. It appears widestance75  journal has been deleted and all the fic that goes with it. The dates are when I bookmarked them/transferred from my saved memories to delicious.

2008-06-09: widestance75: Caught

2008-10-06: widestance75:Counter Productive

2008-10-28: widestance75: Longing

2008-09-11: widestance75: Fixation
Hard to summarize PWP as ever (read the above if you need background).

2008-09-10: widestance75: Pick-Me-Up Porn
The One Where Sylar and Mohinder Have Sex For the First Time

2008-08-18: widestance75: Ignore Me - Masturbatory Fic List

2008-09-22: widestance75: The One Where Sylar and Mohinder Have Sex in a Stairwell
There's a stairwell and they're horny.

waybackmachine.com gave me nothing


Hi everyone!

First off, I apologize for being MIA for so long, and also for the fact that this post is so long in the making.

Between Real Life events and new, shiny fandoms, I'm no longer active in the Heroes fandom. I feel that this shouldn't affect the community, and am therefore looking for someone to replace me as maintainer/mod.

If you're interested in running the community, feel free to comment on this post. All comments are screened. :)

Thank you!